Check out Ginaya at work during one of her themed fashion photo shoots


Model: Gabby Archambault

MUA: Madi Doonan

@ D&D Studios, Somerville MA


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  For the majority of my life, I have always been fascinated with beauty. Even if I was trying to improve my own attractiveness, or helping others to see the beauty in them, enhancing something’s appeal has always been a passion of mine. More importantly, my goal is to enhance the natural beauty already there without having to change whatever my object of desire is. By using lighting, angles, and a sense of creativity I work to bring my subject to its ultimate eye-capturing potential.


  We all have something beautiful to contribute and through my lens I hope to capture it, whether it is a smile, a laugh, or a tear. Although outer beauty may fade by the world's standards, the memory of how beautiful a person is never does. Let me help bring out that inner glow and show you just how beautiful you are so that it may reflect how you live.







Ginaya Greene